Brand new to OLA, we now offer Before Church Care. This class provides breakfast, supervision and activities for the staff and members that are either serving in ministry at One Love or attending the P2P class.

Each 3rd Sunday (Youth Sunday) our youth are given the opportunity to assist in worship in the main sanctuary through prayer, arts, & other roles.

We Provide

We provide: Bible-based lesson Praise, Worship & Prayer Lunch, Craft & Recreational Activities An opportunity for children to display to parents what they have learned on Youth Sunday. The classes are separated into four groups with age appropriate curriculum and activities. The book needed for each age group is listed in parenthesis. 2-4 year olds (Beginner’s Bible for Toddlers) 5-8 year olds (NIV Adventure Bible) 9 -12 year olds (NIV Adventure Bible) Teens (Bible any version)


Kingdom Kids Church could not operate effectively without the support of its parents. We believe that you are a part of One Love Ministries because you love the Lord and want to assist in making an impact in the kingdom. That impact starts with our next generation-OUR YOUTH! As a ministry, we trust that in exchange for your appreciation to the ministry being a blessing to you and your family, you would give of your time, talents and resources back to Kingdom Kids Church Ministry. We offer various ways to do that. If teaching is not your gift, then maybe administration is. If not that, then maybe you love to cook and don’t mind serving our children once a month. Whatever you can do...WE NEED YOU! Please sign up at the Kingdom Kids registration desk for one of the tasks. We ask that each parent volunteer one Sunday a month.