Our number one goal is and always will be the salvation of the lost. Beyond the Walls is “out of the box” evangelism and outreach!

Our Aim

We aggressively reach out to the unsaved and the unchurched and people who simply want a "do-over" or simply put, a fresh start from the mistakes they have made in their past. One Love wants to reach people from all races, cultures and socio-economic classes and Beyond the Walls is often the vehicle used to put the plan into action. We wholeheartedly embrace the charge to walk in the unconditional love of Christ and to demonstrate that love through word and deed. We strive for outreach programs that will touch and help hurting people (i.e. homeless, poor, those with substance abuse issues, the incarcerated, widows, orphans, those who have suffered physical, verbal, or emotional abuse, etc.) In all things, we strive to have a Kingdom impact on the city of Durham and surrounding areas, while remaining humble and maintaining the spirit of love and sincerity that are the hallmarks of One Love Ministries.